I am captivated by the beauty and grace of the athletic male body. Although my work is not necessarily erotic, it is predominately nudes because over the years I have found that clothing changes the focus of the photograph and breaks up the natural lines of the human form.

I try to stir emotions with my work. If it grabs the eye and takes away the breath I know the photo is a success.

My best work is collaborative. Models that take direction well are often the worst to work with. Models that listen, but then take a photographer’s suggestion in a direction the photographer had never imaged are the best. Sometimes this kind of collaboration comes from making a connection during the shoot; sometimes it’s just the product of two equally creative minds.

Obviously I enjoy working in black and white. When I shoot with film I like to work with fine grain, low ASA films and prefer Ilford films in particular. More and more of my work is digital, and what I like it is that I worry less about framing and become more experimental - because no materials are lost in a bad photograph, just a few seconds time. I also enjoy uploading the results right away and starting the post production work while the film is still being processed.

My early work was predominately on location, but right now I am enjoying the infinite possibilities provided by two lights, a blank background, two minds and one superb body.

I hope you enjoy what you see and I am open to your comments. I am interested in what you like and what you don’t care for as much.

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