I am always looking for new models. 

As you can see from the photos on my website, my work is primarily body focused art photography and I work primarily with male models. If you are an attractive, muscular man and are interested in being photographed, please contact me using the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.

I am particularly interested in photographing bodybuilders, dancers, gymnasts, martial artists and couples.  Although there can be some nudity in my work, I think you can see that not everything I do is nudes. The decision to do nudes is entirely up to the model.

I enjoy working with people who are not professional models. You look is more important to me than your experience. I have a reputation for being easy going and professional and my models enjoy their shoots.

TFP or TFCD Shoots

If the model has no previous experience, I like to structure the shoot as a trade. The model consents to my limited use of their photographs in exchange for copies of the photographs. I contribute my time and pay for the film, processing, and equipment. The model contributes his time. Obviously this works best if the model lives near me, so that we both avoid travel expenses, but it also works well if the model is traveling to Southern California for other purposes besides the shoot. I do many of these TFP (Trade for Prints) shoots but only if you are looking for the type of photos you see on my website. I don't do fashion photography or headshots.

From a TFP (Trade for Prints) or TFCD (Trade for CD of images) shoot the model gets:  digital proofs of photos taken during the shoot; five to ten 8 x 10 prints of the model’s choice or a similar number of high resolution image files that the model can print on his own. The model is allowed to use the photos for self promotion, but is not allowed to sell the photos. The photos on this web page are from some of the many models I have worked with on a TFP basis.

Professional Shoots

If you are a professional model or a have a spectacular build, I pay for models on a sliding scale based on the rights the model gives me to use the photographs, the model's prior experience, and the interest I have in the model's particular look. 

Purchased Shoots

I am also available to shoot commissioned sessions. My rate for a paid shoot is $300 for a two hour session plus travel expenses. This includes two rolls of 36 exposure film or the digital equivalent. The model receives photographic or digital proofs of both rolls and the negatives. Prints may be purchased from me or any other professional photo finisher. Prints prices start at $10 for 8 x 10s. The model owns all rights to the photos.

Photo Shoots

Usually a photo shoot lasts two to  four hours. Some of my shoots are studio shoots with elaborate lighting equipment. Some are outdoors using locations as a backdrop. I prefer natural looks, so models typically do not wear makeup. I shoot three to six rolls of film (or the digital equivalent) per session.

The Release

Whether we do a paid or a TFP shoot you must sign a release because without a release neither one of us would gain anything from the shoot. As photographer I have an instant copyright to all works I create and can restrict anyone from using my work without permission. You as a private citizen have automatic right to control the use of your image. We have to have a legal agreement between the two of us for either of us to use the photos. The release allows me limited uses of the images I create of your likeness. It allows you limited use of the copyrighted work I create. Click on the release link to view a copy of my usual release.

Commissions for Suggesting a Friend

You may not be interested in modeling, but perhaps you have a friend who is and who might be interested in shooting with me. If you do please send a photo of your friend with contact information. Please be sure to tell me that you have spoken to your friend and they are interested in a shoot, or I won't follow up on the lead. If I shoot with your friend I will give you your choice of an art print from any photo on my website.

Contact Me

You can contact me directly using the link below. Clicking on it will open an e-mail message window in your default mail program. If you are looking for a TFP or Paid shoot, please send a sample photo. Don't worry too much about the quality of the photo. I just want to get an idea of what you look like. I answer all modeling inquiries promptly.

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