Talent Release Form

For good and valuable consideration as detailed herein below, I, _____________________________, hereinafter referred to as the TALENT, do hereby give my irrevocable consent to the reproduction and use of my photographic image as it has been captured by Thomas Mitchell, (a Photographer, hereinafter called the ARTIST, on <date> in and around Los Angeles, California. Said consent constitutes release for the use thereof, in whole or in part, in original or modified form, alone or in combination with other voices, music, sound effects, photographs, sketches, cartoons, visual effects, artwork and/or text matter, whether factual or fictional and whether used in conjunction with my real or some fictitious name.

The TALENT attests that on the date of the photo shoot and date this release is executed he is over the age of 18.

This release is offered in favor of the ARTIST named hereinabove and extends, at that party's sole discretion, to any heirs, publishers, printers, broadcasters (or other electronic media), clients, agents, licensees or assigns specifically chosen and/or authorized by said party under the following terms:

1. My image MAY be reproduced for art uses, including photographic and/or electronic prints for portfolio, gallery, museum or other similar display and sale.

     1a. My image MAY be reproduced for use in art or photography books.

2. My image MAY be reproduced for use in art paper products, including post cards, note cards, greeting cards, calendars, posters or similar products.

3. My image MAY be used in the advertising and/or publicity (including printed, video or electronic catalogs) for the work of The Artist, and/or, for any usage specifically allowed in this release.

4. My image MAY be used to illustrate captioned editorial material in periodical publications specifically excluding any relationship to any product or service offered for sale; i.e., this paragraph may not be construed to allow any commercial use of my image whatsoever.

5. My image MAY be licensed by the ARTIST or his agent(s) for specified usages (not otherwise prohibited herein) by one or more third parties (advertisers, publishers, etc.).

6. Any images which shall be provided to me from the ARTIST's work covered by this agreement may be used by me only in the course of my self-promotion as talent; e.g., composites, zed cards, personal post cards and portfolio(s), as well as any printed, digital or other electronic compilation by my agents or others seeking only to promote my services as talent. I understand that my rights to the images captured of me by The Artist do not extend to commercial or editorial usages as previously detailed hereinabove. Use of these images must be accompanied by the photo credit and copyright notice of THE ARTIST. Photo credit must read “Photography by Thomas Mitchell”. Copyright notice must read “(c) <yyyy> Thomas Mitchell”.

7. The total good and valuable consideration and/or full compensation to be rendered to me in exchange for my time and services in modeling, posing, performing or recording on the date hereinbefore stated, as well as for all rights to the exclusive use of the images and/or performances captured and/or recorded of me as detailed hereinbefore, shall be as follows:

7a. Specifically for the rights granted in paragraph 1, 1a, 2, 3, 4, and 5 above, monies in the sum of <xxx> payable in US DOLLARS to be paid by check on completion of the assignment.
7b. From images captured by THE ARTIST under this release the TALENT’s selection of up to <xx> 8 x 10 inch prints chosen from proof sheets supplied by the ARTIST or up to 10 high resolution photo files suitable for prints up to 8 x 10 inches by the TALENT. The ARTIST agrees to provide images for the TALENT’s selection within 21 days, the TALENT agrees to make a selection with 21 days of receiving the proofs, and the ARTIST agrees to provide prints or digital files within 21 days after the TALENT selects them. If the TALENT does not make a selection within 30 days of receiving the proofs the TALENT forfeits this compensation.